What is Gaming League Splatoon?

Gaming League Splatoon or GLS for short, is a gaming league dedicated to Splatoon competitive gaming. The main focus of GLS for now is just to provide a tool that is being built around the comunity.

How Can I register my team?

You can register your team only if you are the leader/admin/owner, just click the register button on the navigation bar, fill all the information we can initially ask for, and you are done. no need for email confirmation.

How can my team members access GLS?

Inside GLS there is a link in the dashboard you can give to your team members, with that link they can register at GLS without the need of an admin aprooval.

How Can I register my team in a tournament?

You can register your team using this button located in your team dashboard. if the bracket information appears instead of the button, it means your team is already registered.

Can I make a tournament?

Yes you can, just send us a word at staff@glsplatoon.com and we will be in contact with you.

How Can I update my personal/team performance?

You must provide a photo or video of the matches you've played during ranked or normal mode. Splatfest wont count towards this feature.

Can I afiliate my league or website with GLS?

Yes you can, just send us a word at staff@glsplatoon.com and we will be in contact with you. please include what type of benefit you want to gain using GLS.

Is this open source?


If I create a tournament, do i need to provide a prize?

No, this is optional, but this can attract more teams to your tournament. However if you decide to give prizes we will be not responsible for shipping. Tournament organizer will have full responsibility. If a tournament organizer doesn't give whats promised, he/she will be penalized for 1 year. This penalization will not allow the user to create tournaments until the penalization expires.

Is there a fee if I decide to use the paypal system?

Yes there is, it varies from 2% to 5% for each transaction. Please note this is paypal's fee for each transaction.

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